KARMA: Mzansi remind the world how Sithelo Shozi ruined the marriage of Uyathandeka Thandeka Sibiya by sleeping and cheating with her ex-husband, Lord Phil Maseko KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Thursday, May 19, 2022

KARMA: Mzansi remind the world how Sithelo Shozi ruined the marriage of Uyathandeka Thandeka Sibiya by sleeping and cheating with her ex-husband, Lord Phil Maseko

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that South African superstar, Sithelo Shozi, is being reminded on how she snatched Uyathandeka Thandeka Sibiya's husband from her. (Read More Here).

The conversations began to go viral after Mzansi watched HOW Tamia Mpisane and her daughter, Miaandy Aliya Mpisane, were given great home welcoming party by Andile Mpisane and MaMkhize. 

After watching the video and remembering Sithelo wasn't given such home welcoming party, they reminded her of her past, which they claim it's karma hitting on her. 

According to information, Lord Phil Maseko, cheated on his former wife, Uyathandeka Thandeka Sibiya, with Sithelo Shozi, and they had a baby girl together. 

MM wrote: "Who is Uyathandeka Sibiya?
Uyathandeka is a woman whose marriage was allegedly ruined by Sithelo Shozi
Uyathandeka's husband Phil Maseko cheated on her with Sithelo

"Sithelo & Phil went on to have a child together.
It is said Sithelo & her friends used to name call Uyathandeka."

Reactions from Mzansi below:

I really think maMkhize genuinely is a loving person n loves her family. The welcome home thingie wasnt to spite Sithelo. She did it out of love. You r basically saying MaMkhize cnt shower MiaAndy with gifts that are more expensive then Sithelo's kids one. Anikahlen bo.

Sithelo involved herself with a married man and she groomed a minor. play stupid games and you’ll win stupid prizes.

Sithelo fans have forgotten that their fave is going through karma. She bashed and harrased another woman publicity and she's a pedophile. A PEDOPHILE. Yall quickly forgotten. She harrased & humiliated the woman over her married boyfriend publicly, let her suffer karma publicly.

someone said Sithelo loves Andile & Andile loves Tamia and thina singenaphi ? Bam’gilile kodwa u cc we bhubesi yaz she was sure ukuthi uyena Mrs Mpi... 🤣🤣🤣 if I were u Andile I’d wife Tamia too girl is beautiful , unproblematic no shady typa girl like akahluphi.

Sithelo always catching smoke whenever people talk about Tamia is so weird to me. Boy??!!

With the Sithelo issue, people are saying Andile is going all out for the new baby than the kids he has with Sithelo. Do you guys think unplanned kids/non-marital children born during a marriage will get the same benefits as the children born in marriage/planned?I don't think so.

A child concieved out of wedlock will always be behind the one that's concieved in wedlock
There's no comparison there , Sithelo is a baby mama , Tamia is *The wife* thina asithuki shame izinto ezinje zijwayelekile.

Lady Macbeth 🇮🇹
She’s too quiet, she would not give the people the drama they want. Sithelo would have been perfect it seems like she has the kind of drama needed.

lWhen Karma locates you,it breaks all protocol.What Tamia and Mamkhize gang are doing to Sithelo is nothing compared to what Sithelo did to Thandeka Sibiya 

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