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Sunday, May 29, 2022

VIDEO: "Jenny's Glow isn't bleaching cream but lightening brand" - CEO of Jenny's Glow skincare speaks on bleaching accusations from two ladies

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that CEO of Jenny's Glow Nigeria has defended her cream products as she said it isn't a bleaching brand. (Read More Here).

Taking to her Instagram live video yesterday, Jenny, said a lot. She began to defend her brand after two ladies accused her brand of causing damages to their skins. 

Jenny began to list her skin care brand and their functions. According to her, she said that her Oshaprapra cream quickly lightening the skin, because of the ingredients used in making the cream and soaps.

According to her, she said that her skin care brand has a dermatologist, who gives the right ingredients for the production of her skin care brand. 

After her confession, a few Nigerians are disagreeing as they insist that her skincare brand is a bleaching product. 

Reactions from Nigerians below:

Kate Jong Un
Can’t even comprehend how you babes buy skin care products from someone like Jenny’s glow… she doesn’t even sound educated. 

Skinfinite mama
I know someone first hand that have used jenny’s glow and it made her skin worse.. if thing i asked her if the products had ingredient list and she said no.. i say ha!!

 I still can’t understand how Jennysglow, a bleaching skincare brand/owner will have the guts to tell people to use the bleaching cream purchased from them small small so it won’t destroy their skin too much and to tell people that they can bleach safely?

Mhiz Bee Bridal and events
Jenny's glow belongs in the bin. 

I always tell the women around me. We are the largest consumer group on the planet. At least 80% of brands want to profit off us without making any tangible contribution to our welfare. And that is what Jenny's glow was doing. 

Two weeks into using jenny's glow, my mom sat me down "that your beautiful color people used to envy, what did you do to it?? Whatever you're using, please stop eeeet!

At least Jenny’s glow has admitted that her brand is a bleaching brand. Let’s see if her “influencers” would come outside and support her, probably their followers would have sense by then.

My own is, Jenny’s glow finally admitted publicly that they’re a bleaching brand. At least y’all would see that skincare babes on this space weren’t just hating. I just need her to also publicly admit that she doesn’t use those things she’s selling so church can close

Video below:

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