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Friday, June 3, 2022

Author writes little history about Joseph Pilates, creation of Pilates and Kathy Stanford Grant

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that an author, The Multiple Mom, has dropped a few history about Joseph Pilates, the creation of Pilates and Kathy Stanford Grant. (Read More Here).

The Multi Mom reports:

"The fact that Pilates was rebranded into a workout for healthy/wealthy yt women is... 

"Joseph Pilates created Pilates in a prison for sick prisoners. AND it was his understudy, Kathy Stanford Grant (a black woman) that refined it. She was an acclaimed choreographer.

"She made it popular here in the states. And the official Pilates org started a “diversity in Pilates” movement years ago because they wanted to remind folks that it wasn’t for wealthy yt folks. They are always actively seeking black instructors.

"I eventually want to get my certification in Pilates training. I think we do need more black instructors. Thats where we lack diversity. Not necessarily in the students.

"I had to do a paper in college on a person that changed the face of wellness and I did my paper on Ms. Katherine. Reading about her really changed my life. She charged the rich but gave free classes in NYC in poor communities so they could learn Pilates and body awareness. ICON.

"And one day imma talk about how “body awareness” is another concept that was stolen & rebranded. But I got to finish my newsletter and get that out to y’all today.

"Like seriously, Joseph Pilates was a trained athlete that got detained during WWl… but also he was a literal circus act and did it being goofy mocking cats…(at least that’s what I read) and then was like, nah these prisoners are getting healthier. I’m on to something.

"Gotta remember this was in the early 1900s when influenza was killing everybody. It’s recorded that none of the ppl he trained died. He was definitely on to something. He incorporated mind and spirit kinda like yoga."

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