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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

FIGHT VIDEO: COPE members physically attack and assault each other during their media briefing

COPE president Misuoa Lekota is briefing the media today to give developments on the party. On Monday his deputy Willie Madisha announced his suspension then later in the day, through the party's national chair announced Madisha had been suspended.

Today is the first time Lekota will address the media following Monday's events.

The briefing is happening at the Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg. He is accompanied by party naiional chair Teboho Loate. Acting general secretary Eric Mohlapamaswi says their members have that voted for COPE have expressed their anxieties and frustrations at the state of the party.

Mohlapamaswi says the party is shocked by Madisha's behavior, particularly since Lekota had recently undergone a medical procedure. "The unrestrained ambition and opportunism was just jaw dropping."

Mohlapamaswi says the CNC expressed full confidence in Lekota adding they will support him complete his term until the next elective congress. 

Lekota's turn to speak. He says according to COPE's constitution, his presidency ends after two terms-which he is currently serving right now.

Things have turned violent at the COPE briefing after a few members barged in demanding Lekota vacate his seat.

Takalane Raidani who says he's representing the Youth Movement says Lekota won't finish his term. A member from the party asks him which conference was he elected in?

Lekota is resuming the briefing. He says he's not frail. "This is a thing that's been spread by comrade Madisha. They've said I'm on my way to the grave and there's no way I'll get up."

To prove his fitness, Lekota says prior to his cancer diagnosis, he drove himself all over the country. "I don't have a driver." 

Lekota says he's prepared to continue serving as president until his term is up. However, he continues, should members decide otherwise, he's prepared to vacate his sea.

Back on the suspension, Lekota says he can't be suspended by three individuals therefore its immaterial he SAYS. He says only COPE's Congress National Committee has the authority to do so.

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