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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

South Africans angrily react to report of Tembisa Hospital ordering skinny jeans to the value of R500 000 in spending spree

A retired soccer star, 10 shell companies, and a shipment of skinny jeans worth R498 000: News24 has released another report tracking the multi-million rand extraction network at Tembisa Hospital flagged by Babita Deokaran before her death. (Read More Here).

This means each pair of jeans cost almost R2,500 each. The embattled hospital recently made headlines for its lavish purchase of armchairs and hand towels which cost R230 each.

Tembisa Hospital was exposed by slain PPE whistleblower, Babita Deokaran for being involved in spending R850 million of reported fraudulent payments.

Reactions from South Africans below:

Mmusi wrote: "Our healthcare system fails because billions have been looted in PPE fraud. 
R500 000 was spent on skinny jeans. Babita Deokaran was killed after flagging R850 million of dodgy payments from Tembisa Hospital. 
ANC ministers and MECs are church quiet about this rampant looting. We have no money to pay for the doctors, nurses and medicine our public hospitals need because that money has been looted."

Renaissance wrote: "We literally just found out Tembisa hospital spent nearly R500k of its budget on skinny jeans during a pandemic but people want to pretend the failures of our health care system are caused by Zimbabweans. “Why don’t Zimbabweans go home and fight for their government” ask the same people who applaud a member of their own government which looted billions meant to fund healthcare during a pandemic. People starved to death in hospitals because of it. But the problem is Zimbabweans? Our government officials are hiding behind Zimbabweans in order to mask their own failures and people keep falling for it. Maybe the issue isn’t the patient who went to the only place they could get treatment and it’s the officials here & in Zim destroying the healthcare system.

Johnson: "Tembisa hospital bought kid's skinny jeans for R2500each and you are more outraged about Redi saying that the root cause of the failures in the healthcare sector is corruption.
Anc will continue to eat and use anyone as a scapegoat because they know no one will call them out."

Matteo: i wish you guys could see how bad things are at tembisa hospital. the casualty wards are full of people with stab wounds sitting unattended with elderly people, the ICU only consists of 4 beds. the maternity ward has no showers & no blankets for both mother & baby. kubi.

Paula: "Tembisa Hospital ordered skinny jeans to the value of R500 000.
'Sickness is temporary; drip is forever.' is a new motto in that hospital. Gone shall be old fashioned patients' clothes." 

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