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Thursday, September 8, 2022

DEBUT: Fans react to MISAMO sub-unit rumours on Weibo YUPPP

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that JYP Entertainment applied "MISAMO" for International Trademark, probably a sub-unit debut for @JYPETWICE’s MINA, SANA and MOMO. (Read More Here).

Take it with grain of salt, wait for their official announcement! (Read More Here).

According to information, "MISAMO" is trending #10 in Japan Yahoo Real-time Search after the rumor of their sub-unit. Taking to Twitter, a Fan base page wrote:

"if you want to check for yourselves look up jyp entertainment on and scroll through the trademarks. i found it guys it's real... it's the same applicant for all of their other stuff... misamo unit is coming."

Fans of MISAMO have taken to social media to react to the rumours of MISAMO sub-unit rumours. 

Reactions below:

Michael: I remember when the Nayeon solo came out, it’s almost the same as this MiSaMo unit rumor. We are finally getting our first TWICE unit and it’s the baddest bitches of Japan trio! 🔥
We can’t wait for the official announcement, @JYPETWICE~ 😌✊🏽. 

Moneoa: If Misamo unit is happening, there's gotta be a chance of 3Mix and School Meal Club unit happening as well, right?????

Johnson: the last day of this comes... lights off... theaters in silence... no comments in the streaming... and the BOOM "MISAMO" in all screens.

Palesa: the way Misamo’s Chinese bars were the top 3 contributors in album sales… we’re not ready.

Anthony: misamo sub unit article on weibo has reached over 23 million readers and they are currently trending on twitter with 14k tweets, THEY ARE INSANE. 

Miguel: MISAMO debut rumors has surpassed 1.43 million readings on weibo YUPPP.

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