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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Reno Omokri Lands in Deeper Legal Troubles as Salaries Commission Confirms 'Fraud'

You’ll recall that few days ago, we had exposed some prima facie criminal activities perpetrated by Reno, while he served as SA to president Goodluck Jonathan.

To wit: 

That Reno criminally received salaries above his status as SA to mr president.

That Reno’s appointment letter has posted by him disclosed that he was engaged as SA.

Whereas, Reno kept dubiously obtaining and actually received salaries as SSA to the president.

Recall also, that soon as we petitioned the law enforcement agencies to investigate Reno’s criminal offenses, Reno quickly put out some defense on social media.

In Reno’s defense, he criminally claimed that the salaries of SA & SSA to the president are all the same, that in fact the ranks and status does not affect their salaries.

We had the right information all the while, but needed to get official response from the appropriate authorities in charge federal salaries in Nigeria.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We proceeded to do the proper thing by applying to National Salaries Incomes And Wages Commission.

And the Commission’s prompt response and content thereof is quite revealing.

It clearly indicates that there’re different remuneration and salaries for SAs and SSAs to the president.

We’ve always heard that there lots of criminals within the corridors of power, and how people fortify documents before the commission to claim unmerited higher wages.

But we never expected those level of open criminality from motivational self-righteous Reno.

I’ve heard how some dubious aides exploit our analogy system in the ministry, 
fortify their appointment grades and bulldoze their way with subtle threats of presidency, present false employment documents, and criminally obtain higher salaries.

On Reno, we still have plenty plenty work to do, to ascertain how he achieved his own.

Lots of stinking revelations.

We’ve already done half of the job of the security agencies.

Now is the time for the EFCC, ICPC and, or Police to do the needful.

Extradite Reno to face his criminal trial now!

Res ipsa loquitur - the facts speaks for itself 👇🏼👇🏼

©️ Azubuike Ihemeje

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