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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

VIDEO: Reaksi Keras Lirboyo atas Hinaan Ketum Ganjarist Eko Kuntadhi ke Ning Imaz

The Lirboyo Islamic Boarding School, Kediri reacted strongly to the insults of social media activists who are also the General Chair of the Kornas Ganjarist, Eko Kuntadhi to Ustazah Imaz Fatimatuz Zahra or who is familiarly called Ning Imaz. 

The Lirboyo Islamic Boarding School administrator regretted Eko's tweet.
One of the administrators of Ponpes Lirboyo Kediri, KH. Oing Abdul Muid, responded to Eko Kuntadi's tweet. He said that as a social media activist, Eko shouldn't have said that.

"We deeply regret such tweets," said Gus Muid, his nickname to detikJatim , Wednesday

Suddenly, Eko's tweet drew protests from many netizens who claimed to be Nahdliyin. One of the people who responded to Eko's tweet was Rais Syuriyah, Manager of the Australia-New Zealand Nadhlatul Ulama (PCINU) Special Branch, Nardirsyah Hosen or better known as Gus Nadir.

Gus Nadir highlighted Eko's tweet which was considered uncivilized. According to him, someone may have different opinions, but there is no need to label them with inappropriate words. Gus Nadir also explained to Eko, who the insulted Ning Imaz was.

In the video, Ning Imaz actually explains the interpretation of Surah Ali Imran verse 14. Eko tweeted, " So the angel is not a woman ?". He also uploaded a video of Ning Imaz by adding inappropriate words.

" Lizard level idiot. How come life is just a groin dream ," Eko tweeted on Tuesday (13/9).

" What you posted is a video of Ning Imaz from Ponpes Lirboyo, wife of Gus Rifqil Moeslim. Different opinions are normal. But don't label it stupid. Just post the original video. Not the one with stupid words added. Learn to be polite in differences , " said Gus Nadir on Twitter.

Shortly after Gus Nadir commented, Eko deleted his tweet. However, many netizens have captured Eko's tweet. They are busy asking for Eko's clarification.

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