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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Yung Miami Caresha says she wants to be 'Black' Oprah Winfrey

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Yung Miami Caresha has said she wants to be 'Black' Oprah Winfrey. (Read More Here).

The interview:

You’re getting into acting more. Have you had any roles that have come your way?

I did two TV shows and I did a Netflix movie. The movie that I did, it stars Lauren London. It has La La Anthony. It has Nia Long, Eddie Murphy. So, I’m up there with the big actors. It should be coming out I would say October or November. It should be out before the year is over with. I don’t want to spill it. I got a role. It’s a comedy. It’s very funny. You are going to see me on the TV screen. They changed the name, so I don’t know the new title of it.

A big part of your life is motherhood. How do you balance being a mom of two while also being an artist?

It’s pretty easy for me because I have help. My mom watches my kids and my son is 9 years old and he’s in the backseat. He knows that I’m a rapper. He understands my job. So, it’s not like, “Where’s my mom?” He be watching my videos. “Mom, you got a show?” I just did Rolling Loud in Miami. I was able to bring him to the show. He’s been with me to the BET Awards.

So, it’s kind of easy having help with my mom. I don’t have a nanny, I have a mom. I’m not worrying about my kids because I know my mom is taking care of them and she is going to raise them how she raised me, which is perfectly fine.

Are you ladies working on a new City Girls album?

Yeah. We were supposed to drop. We do have an album. It was supposed to drop on July 29, but, you know, it’s a lot putting out an album. You have to get records. You have to get sample clearance. You have to get features cleared. You have to do producers’ agreements. So, it was a lot that set us back. We plan on dropping an album very soon. I don’t want to give a date because I said it was dropping on July 29 and we got a lot of backlash [when we didn’t release the project]. We will be dropping an album before the year is out for sure

Yung Miami: People just loving to hear me talk, you know? Whenever I talk or whenever I go on [Instagram] Live, it go viral. So, one day I was talking with Diddy and he was like, “Yeah, [you] should do a podcast. It would be good for you,” and that’s how it came out. It was just a conversation of me just always going viral off the way I talk and the engagement that I used to get off of Instagram Live.

What’s a goal that you want to accomplish with this new podcast endeavor? I want to take it to the next level. I want to be like—I think she has a podcast now—a person like Wendy Williams. I’m dreaming big. I want to go to the highest of the highest. I want to be the Black Oprah.

The longtime friends have established their place as hip-hop’s racy yet playful tandem. The albums Period in 2018, Girl Code that same year and City on Lock in 2020 introduced their lascivious, get-money anthems. “Take Yo Man,” “Act Up,” “Pussy Talk” featuring Doja Cat and the Cardi B-assisted “Twerk” are self-explanatory song titles, but Miami and JT’s celebratory adages and humorous quips take them over the top. They’ve got gold and multiplatinum certifications, the backing of Quality Control Music and Motown Records, plus a fandom that rides for them just like Yung Miami did for JT when the latter had to do a nearly two-year prison sentence in 2018 for credit card fraud

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