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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Popular pimp “Sugar Free” is officially a married man & People on social media can’t believe it

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Popular pimp “Sugar Free” is officially a married man & people on social media can’t believe it. 

Taking to social media, Sugar Free, shared a picture of himself wearing a wedding ring on the finger of his alleged wife. 

"CAUSE I can do that. Sugar Free." 

Titled “20 Years of Pimpin,” the sold out event featured Pomona’s greatest procurer perform fan favorites including “I Rather Give You My Bitch,” “Why You Bullshitin’?” and of course “If You Stay Ready.” (Read More Here).

Following the hour set, Suga Free sat down for an interview with HipHopDX Associate Producer Ural Garrett where he talked about everything from leaving the pimping world to become an artist and his relationship with Snoop Dogg to the status of Street Gospel 2.

Following our time with one of West Coast Hip Hop’s greatest former pimp-turned-rapper, here are seven takeaways from our interview.

“These muthafuckas done switched the laws to human trafficking. Imagine what that sounds like to a bunch of white people. Human trafficking darling. Right? It sounds like you got a bunch of bitches crammed up in a van. My dick getting hard talking about this. It sounds so immoral and sounds just so bad when this is done by choice and not by force period in the first place. Ain’t nobody making these bitches do this shit. I got a saying which is a bitch will pay a light pole meaning she just want somebody with her.”

“I’d be a fool not to believe that my name is at the top of some big pimp organization or whatever. So, I stopped and I got scared when I stopped. My pimp friends like Pimpin Young — I said I felt funny man. I’m going to tell you exactly how he told me. He said, ‘P we done talked about this but you the only nigga that can stop pimping and still pay their bills cuz.'”

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