LEAKED SEX VIDEO: Gistlover again shares on Telegram another full sextape of Dr. Femi Olaleye sleeping and sexually assaulting a lady in his office KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Thursday, November 17, 2022

LEAKED SEX VIDEO: Gistlover again shares on Telegram another full sextape of Dr. Femi Olaleye sleeping and sexually assaulting a lady in his office

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Gistlover again shares another full sextape of Dr. Femi Olaleye sleeping and sexually assaulting a lady in his office.

Recall that the first person to call out Dr. Femi Olaleye happened to be the popular actress, Kate Henshaw, on her Twitter page. 

She wrote: "For many years I have advocated for women & the girl child.
I have worked with @drfemi of @CancerOptimal on Breast Cancer & Cervical screening for many years.
He has sexually molested a minor.
My brand has integrity & can never be associated with such.
I no longer work with him."

Confirming, Gistlover, said that Dr. Femi Olaleye has travelled or escaped to the United Kingdom (Uk) after the call out by Kate and other Nigerians on social media. 

Gistlover further leaked the sex video of Dr. Femi Olaleye with a minor female in his office and clinic in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Gistlover wrote: "Hello tueh tueh, GLB NATION I am seriously boiling in my spirit, Nigeria justice system is a mess, when the judge and lawyer or police that will judge your case dey the Same cult with you, they won't want to prosecute their fellow brother now.its sad but I wont stop shouting and do the little I can do,thank God for social media that make us expose all their ills, if they have the power they will take down the media but the media is powerful, Adedoyin and Timothy case is still in court after one year,if not for the involvement of media such cases are swept under carpet because Adedoyin belongs to almost all the ogboni/cult in Nigeria, he is that powerful, but because they see that the people are watching and media is involved that's why they keep dribbling us back and forth,case is over one year now with plenty evidence of how Adednoyin and son ki**led Timothy in their hotel, no Justice yet, their own na story for another day.

We are here today because of Dr Olaleye who was a doctor in the UK before and was dismissed because he was molesting patients especially minors(both male and female), he managed to escape to Nigeria with a change of name,he was practising as frank olaleye, when he got to Nigeria he changed his name to Femi Olaleye.

Brief life story of Dr femi, he was married to a dentist, folake by name,and Aderemi the current one, they are blessed with beautiful kids.he is the medical director of optimal cancer hospital, he is well connected in Lagos state and environs as he belongs to about 7 ogboni club and also a member of free Maison, after he was dismissed from the UK,he went back to Nigeria even tho his license are not complete and he was supposed to write a certain level two exam which he didn't write, he bribed his way through qnd open a medical center in Bode Thomas, now this is where the story gets interesting, get a chair let me take you down what really happened and how your favorite got involved in this di**rty dis##@#gusting act.

Slide 1 is Dr Femi preaching or giving a speech in a redeem church, slide 2 is details about his freemaison membership and where he workships, get a chair and pay attention for you to see how deep human being. 

"Rush to our telegram page now to see the videos he made while at the act, then tomorrow when everybody is online, we go deep with more evidence.

Note: you will see him pay all these cut and join blogs now to come to his defense, thats what he does, but as una know, anybody wey pay any blog waste money, because those under bridge blogs go cry bl00d I no go see their mama, I will say my truth and we d**ie and resurrect there, I come in peace."

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