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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Quavo Assistant, Joshua Washington, Has Been Identified As The Second Shooting Victim Along Side Takeoff

Quavo Assistant Joshua Washington Has Been Identified As The Second Shooting Victim Along Side Takeoff.

"Let me speak to the human element first before we do anything," Finner said to media gathered for the conference. "I spoke to this young man’s mother just an hour ago. I want everyone to understand the pain and suffering of a mother."

"I'm calling on everybody in the hip-hop nation, we got to police ourselves," Finner said, adding that he wants to meet with members of the Houston hip-hop community in the coming week about preventing future violence. 

Finner turned the conference over to Houston Police Sergeant Michael Arrington, who confirmed the incident had occurred after a private event that took place at 810 Billiards & Bowling. 

"Employees notified us of an incident after the party had ended," Arrington said. "A large gathering of about 40 individuals gathered outside the building...an argument broke out, and a shooting took place as a result of that argument."

Arrington said that majority of individuals fled following the shooting, which officials stated involved "at least" two gunmen firing rounds. 

"People fled after the shooting and did not stick around to offer statement," Arrington said. "All we can hope is you all will reach out and give us evidence to solve the death of Takeoff."

Mayor Turner then offered condolences to the family of Takeoff, born Khirshnik Khari Ball. 

"I want to extend my condolences to the mom of Takeoff, to all the family members of Takeoff," Turner said. "It doesn’t matter how famous you are, anybody who loses his or her life, is a life lost."

Turner continued to say the conduct of the age demographic of which Takeoff, 28, was a member, concerns him.

"I’m concerned with this age group, age 16 through 30. There are too many young men of color killing young men of color," Turner said. "We do need to have that conversation."

"In my day, [if] there’s a disagreement, there’s a fistfight," the mayor continued. "We have too many young men of color now injured or fatally killed."

Turner, Finner and Arrington reiterated the need for community tips and information to help local law enforcement find those who fired the shots that killed Takeoff. 

"Stop pulling the darn trigger," Finner said before ending the press conference. "That's what we got to think about in society."

Houston Police Chief calls on the hip-hop community in and outside of Houston to come together and enact change following Takeoff's death.

Takeoff's manager just broke his silence on the rapper's shooting death, suggesting Takeoff was killed by a stray bullet.
The Migos rapper's rep released a statement late Tuesday on social media, saying ... "Senseless violence and a stray bullet has taken another life from this world and we are devastated."

TMZ Hip Hop obtained this video of the showdown around 2:30 AM -- you can see and hear Quavo arguing with someone, and Takeoff is a few feet behind him. There's a discussion about playing basketball, and someone -- possibly Quavo -- says "I don't get down like that!"

Members of the Houston Police Department held a press conference Tuesday afternoon and revealed a 23-year-old male and a 24-year-old female were also hit, and went to a hospital for treatment. Cops say most of the witnesses to the shooting fled the scene, and they're asking them to come forward with information about what happened.

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