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Sunday, December 18, 2022

CAUSE OF DEATH: Marcelo Cohen confirmed dead

Despedimos al escritor, crítico literario y traductor argentino, Marcelo Cohen. Un referente de nuestra cultura nacional, quien falleció hoy a sus 71 años.

Acompañamos a sus familiares y amigos en este difícil momento.

El 22 de julio de este año el escritor argentino, muy admirado por lectores y colegas, recibió la distinción "La Rosa de Cobre", el premio a la trayectoria que otorga la Biblioteca Nacional.

His work, based on short stories, novels and essays, which he began publishing in 1972, includes titles such as "El país de la dama eléctrica" ​​(1984), "El oido absolute" (1989), "El fin de lo mismo" ( 1992), "O'Jaral's testament" (1995), "Where I was not" (2006), "The aquatics" (2007), "Casa de Ottro" (2009), "Balada" (2011), " Prosaic music” (2014), “Something else” (2015, Stealth) and “Notes on literature and the sound of things” (2016).

Due to his inventiveness and experimentation, he has been recognized as the great innovator of the fantastic genre in Spanish in recent decades.

As a Spanish translator, he has interpreted more than 100 titles and covered the work of authors such as Nathaniel Hawthorne, William Shakespeare, Alice Munro, Clarice Lispector, JA Baker, JM Coetzee, M. John Harrison, Julia Armfield.

He also directed the cultural magazine Otra parte with his partner for years, the writer Graciela Speranza.

In July, he had received the Copper Rose from the National Library. The distinction, whose name refers to the invention of Erdosain, Roberto Arlt's character in "Los siete locos", recognizes the trajectory. In this way, his name was added to a list of notables that includes Juan Gelman, Mirta Rosenberg, Juana Bignozzi and Jorge Coscia, among others.

That award coincided with the release of his new book, "Llanto verde" (published by Editorial Sigilo), the second in a trilogy of short stories that began with "La calle de los cines."

In these stories, Cohen returns to the river islands where he has set his fiction in recent years, in an area that he named "the Panoramic Delta." He created that literary space in 2001 and in each of the works he traced the geography, fauna and flora, history, customs and political system of each one of them. The main common denominator of those archipelagos is "Deltingo", a crazy language that Cohen made grow page by page.

The Entropía publishing house expressed a heartfelt message on its Twitter account upon hearing the news of the writer's death: "With stupor and deep sorrow we say goodbye to Marcelo Cohen, an extraordinary writer and dearest friend of this house."

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