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Friday, December 16, 2022

LISTEN: Another audio leak of Bushra Bibi upset over Bani Gala employee making pictures of Toshakhana gifts

Another audio leak of Bushra Bibi upset over Bani Gala employee making pictures of Toshakhana gifts.

The development comes days after a separate audio clip surfaced, purportedly featuring PTI leader Zulfi Bukhari and Bushra Bibi talking about the sale of wristwatches in Imran’s possession.

In the purported audio clip which surfaced today, Bushra Bibi speaks to a person named Inam on the telephone. “The things that came from the Toshakhana, did you ask Akbar to take photos and send them to you?”

“No, I didn’t say so,” Inam replies.

“So why were the photographs taken? Photos of things coming into the house aren’t taken, only of those going out of the house should be taken […] why are photos being taken of the things coming to me,” Bushra Bibi supposedly grills the man.

Inam denies telling anyone to take photos, to which Bushra Bibi again says that she was told he asked to take the photos. She then starts to speak to another person in the background. “Did you send the pictures to Inam?” she is heard saying to the other person.

At this, Inam interjects and says that he did receive the photos but he never said to take the photos in the first place.

“Did Inam ask you to take the pictures? What? What? Who said to take the pictures? Who? Why? Who, what proof? Photos of things coming inside the house shouldn’t be taken because they were coming to me. Photos should be taken of the things going outside,” Bushra Bibi purportedly tells the other person.

“Who takes photos of things coming inside the house? Proof of what? […] Did you ask me? Did you ask me? What do you mean by sorry? You guys have made a mockery of this house,” she says as she admonishes the other person. “The MS has trusted us. He didn’t take pictures, then who are you to do so?”

Turning back to Inam, Bushra Bibi then says, “And why did he send the pictures to you?” Earlier today, another alleged audio leak of Khan’s wife, over the Toshakhana gifts came to the fore in which she could be heard talking to Inaam Khan, the former administrator of the ex-prime minister's residence at Bani Gala.

In the audio, Bushra Bibi could be heard yelling at the staff for allegedly making photographs of the gifts brought inside the premier’s private residence.

Commenting on the audio of the former prime minister’s wife, the ex-PTI minister claimed that it is a manipulation of different audio clips.

“Different audios were recorded and then spliced together. All the audios which are coming now have been joined after being cut and pasted,” the former minister said claiming about audio’s inauthenticity.

The minister said that the government brought forward “ridiculous scandals and discussions”.

Speaking on the potential dissolution of the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assemblies, Fawad said that it will help the political process move ahead deeming elections as the way to ensure stability in the country.

“Imran Khan will announce the date for the dissolution of assemblies tomorrow [Saturday]. Dissolution of assemblies will advance the political process. There will be stability in the country,” the former minister added.

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