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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Tay Tay Taylor Lorenz gets permanently suspended on Twitter by Elon Musk

'Twitter has served as an essential real time news source and played a crucial role in the journalism world, but Musk’s arbitrary suspensions of journalist’s who report on him should worry anyone who values free speech and expression,' Lorenz continued. 

In April, the Washington Post journalist was criticized by conservative media outlets after she published an expose on Chaya Raichik, the Orthodox Jewish mastermind behind the widely successful Twitter account Libs of TikTok. The Libs of TikTok account tweeted about Lorenz's video announcing her suspension saying: 'It’s incredible watching these “journalists” just in absolute shock at finally being held to the same standard as everyone else. They’re so used to living by a different set of rules.' 

On TikTok talent scout Ariadna Jacob tweeted screenshots of an interaction that she had with Lorenz in which Jacob accused the journalist of doxing her in a 2020 New York Times article and publicly revealing her address. 

Musk replied to the tweet saying: 'Such shameful behavior will not be tolerated going forward.' 

Following the suspensions of journalists such as CNN's Donie O'Sullivan, the New York Times' Ryan Mac and Mashable's Matt Binder, Lorenz had voiced her anger at the decision. Just last month, Lorenz was roundly criticized for a tweet she sent out criticizing her former New York Times colleague Bari Weiss. 

Weiss was one of the journalists charged by Elon Musk with releasing the Twitter files, exposing the company's secrets regarding the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story and other major issues. 

In tweeting a story about Weiss starting a new media venture named the Free Press, Lorenz wrote: 'Notable what gets framed as a ‘buzzy media startup.’ If u start off rich, have a rich spouse, rich friends, don’t follow any journalistic ethical rules, and focus your content solely on serving the interests of extremely powerful rich ppl, you can go far!'

Also in November, Lorenz made headlines for slamming her own newspaper's reporting on China and its opposition of Covid lockdowns in the country.

She was responding to an article tweeted by the Post's official account about China's record number of coronavirus cases, noting how only a tiny proportion its billion-strong population are vaccinated.

'There is no lasting 'natural immunity' to COVID. You can get covid over and over and over again bc there are so many endlessly evolving strains and antibodies wane. Also, choosing not to kill off millions of vulnerable people (as the US is doing) isn't a 'critical flaw',' Lorenz wrote.

Twitter users were appalled Lorenz would seemingly defend the authoritarian country's lockdowns and implied human rights violations - with one user accusing her of 'spreading misinformation' noting how her editors were unlikely to sanction her because any controversy would lead to more views for the Post's website.

Lorenz later attempted to clarify her earlier tweet by suddenly praising the Post's reporting adding how the article contained 'a lot more nuance btw'.

There were also very few direct responses to Lorenz's original tweet because her Twitter settings do not allow for a right of reply unless followed by her directly.

'A coronavirus outbreak on the verge of being China's biggest of the pandemic has exposed a critical flaw in Beijing's 'zero Covid' strategy: a vast population without natural immunity,' the post said.

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