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Monday, January 9, 2023

Sadie Sink is rumored to be playing Songbird in Marvel’s upcoming “Thunderbolts.”

Marvel Studios reportedly has its eye on Stranger Things' megastar Sadie Sink for a big role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 5 slate.

Stranger Things has already gotten its fair share of representation in the MCU, with star David Harbour appearing in Black Widow and Thunderbolts while director Shawn Levy is gearing up to lead the way on 2024's Deadpool 3. Additionally, regular Caleb McLaughlin has thrown his name in the ring to potentially play Miles Morales in Marvel's super-powered franchise when the day comes for the popular web-slinger to join the fray.

Also on the list of MCU hopefuls for many fans is young actress Sadie Sink, who's already been discussed online as a potential option for Jean Grey when the X-Men make their long-awaited debut.

The Marvel Studios Spoilers Reddit moderator team shared a rumor from their trusted sources claiming that Marvel Studios plans to introduce Songbird to the MCU in 2024's Thunderbolts.

Stranger Things star Sadie Sink is being looked at to play the role in the MCU, which would bring her into the franchise for the first time and make her the third regular from her Netflix series to join Marvel after David Harbour and Shawn Levy.

Who Is Marvel's Songbird?
Songbird in Marvel Comics.

After being speculated to be Jean Grey in X-Men, Sadie Sink is considered to be cast as Songbird for the 2024 film, Thunderbolts. Reports have suggested that the studio is planning to introduce the supervillain, also known as Screaming Mimi, in the upcoming film.

Songbird was originally introduced as a villain and later transitioned into a superhero as she joined Thunderbolts. As the studio is moving ahead with introducing new characters in the cinematic universe, fans are also expecting to see the Screaming Mimi making her MCU debut in the future.

However, the studio has kept the plot of the upcoming film under wraps. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has reportedly said that fans would meet new and existing characters in Thunderbolts. As time goes on, fans started speculating that more characters could also join the film.

Fans also shared their thoughts on the news. While some seem excited to see the Eli star as Songbird, others still found her perfect to be Jean Grey. They also argued that the 20-year-old actor is too young to portray the character in the MCU.

However, the studio has not confirmed anything yet. Sadie Sink could make her MCU debut with Thunderbolts in the next phase. After David Harbour, she would be the next Stranger Things star to join the MCU and the anti-hero team.

She started living on the streets after taking up the name of her mother, Mimi. However, she ended up in prison. There she joined a costumed wrestling team, Grapplers, as Screaming Mimi. After leaving the Grapplers, she joined Helmut Zemo’s Masters of Evil, where she met Angar the Screamer and fell in love with him.

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