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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Cardi B and Offset stand up to J Prince on Twitter as they fight dirty

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Cardi B and Offset stand up to J Prince on Twitter as they fight dirty. 

At one point, J Prince alleges that Quavo’s friend, Willie Bland, began cooperating with authorities in the case. He brought along supposed paperwork that Gillie Da King read during the podcast. Bland stated in the police report that he felt as though Quavo’s life was in harm’s way. Bland said he saw one of the men reaching for his weapon. At that point, he threw the first punch since he believe they were going to try and rob Quavo. However, J. Prince refuted Bland’s statement, questioning why he’d throw a punch at someone that he knew was armed.

“Clearly, this Bland dude gave a police report that he seen these two guys with guns earlier but these are the same two guys that he decided to punch with his gun out and his them with a gun. What do you think is going to happen?” Prince noted. “Lord know if any of them tried to rob or touch Quavo, it was going to be some real problems.”

Bland allegedly told police about what led up to the shooting. The paperwork supposedly reveals that he provided the names of another individual he claimed also possessed a weapon. Later on, he added that he actually got the gun itself from Jas Prince.

“He giving all kinds of statements on this police report that we have so we could read his name and everything ‘cause he put himself in a position where he’s cooperating and telling a lot of different lies so we may as well shine a light on the real root to the issue which is this homie,” Prince said on the podcast. He added that Jas and Quavo are brothers, so his son doesn’t have any issues with providing the Migos rapper with protection. “Now, you got this clown, and it end up in his hand… this clown saying somebody wanna rob him that gave him a gun,” Prince continued.

Rap-A-Lot CEO J Prince called out Offset while addressing Takeoff's murder in a recent interview and Offset has appeared to respond.

Last night (Feb. 5), the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast released their latest episode featuring J. Prince, J. Prince Jr. and Mike Prince. The trio have been facing scrutiny due to internet speculation of their actions surrounding the murder and their responses following Takeoff's death. In their latest attempt to deny involvement, Prince Sr. ended the interview by taking shots at Offset.

"This Offset dude. I ain't gon' leave him out," J Prince said at the 57:59-mark of the interview. "I'm just real like this. Niggas be throwing rocks and hiding their hands, right. I don't like them kind of individuals. The truth of the matter is, one can dance and do different things in front of these different cameras and all kinds of shit. The truth of the matter is, nigga, you wasn't really right there with Takeoff when he was alive."

He continued: "For you to be taking these positions that you taking. I got people everywhere, so I hear all kinds of things. I'ma just say this to you. Don't never put me in no position where I have to defend myself. That wouldn't be healthy for you."

 Offset has appeared to respond to being name-checked by Prince in a Instagram Story video.

"First off, y'all niggas speaking on my real brother," Offset started. "I don't know what the fuck y'all niggas got going on. Y'all niggas speaking on my real brother. How dare you niggas even speak on me and Take relationship, nigga. I don't know you, nigga, from a can of paint, nigga. Y'all niggas don't know how me and my brother rocked, nigga. You trying to clear your face. This your fifth interview nigga done did about my brother, nigga. You ain't think about his momma? You ain't think about the family, nigga? We ain't said nothing. Nobody said nothing but you niggas."

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