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Monday, February 27, 2023

Jake Paul made $30M from his fight with Tommy Fury

Jake Paul made $30M from his fight with Tommy Fury.

In December, Drake bet $1m on Argentina to beat France in regulation in the World Cup final. 

Unfortunately for him, Lionel Messi & Co. beat the French in a dramatic shootout.

Additionally, in November, he threw down $2m worth of Canadian dollars for Israel Adesanya to win UFC 281 over Alex Pereira, who won in the fifth round by knockout.

Tyson Fury also placed a sizable wager on his brother to instead do the business vs. Paul. 

'I've got 100 racks on it for an inside-the-distance stoppage, so if he loses, then I'll lose 100 bags as well. I've got him at 3/1,' The Gypsy King told iFL TV.

“F**k. This is Drake’s fault,” Paul said in a sarcastic tone after hearing about the bet in the post-fight press conference. “Drake, bro, why did you do this to me?”

Paul then went on to apologise for failing the rapper: “It’s my fault. $400,000 is nothing to him. He has won a lot more money betting on me before. He’s probably about even now.”

Jake Paul joked he was cursed by Drake betting $400k on him to beat Tommy Fury in their boxing match on Sunday after his defeat on points to the Brit in Saudi Arabia.

The Canadian rapper would have pocketed a stunning $1.2million if Paul had done the business in the ring, but he lost on points against Fury. Sports journalist Josh Bunting called the referee “absolutely mental” and “insane”, while MMA Fighting news editor Damon Martin said the referee wanted to be “part of the show”.

News Corp journalist Jamie Pandaram called the referee “rubbish”.

Paul’s reputation has been put to the sword on social media after the fact, with many people noting his previous undefeated record came against part-time fighters and other content creators, rather than full-time professionals.

Sportswriter Zain Bando said he was “glad the Jake Paul hype train has died”.

Former professional boxer and pundit Carl Froch was scathing, saying “(Paul) can’t call himself a professional boxer.”

“He’s bringing discredit and disgust to the world of professional boxing,” Froch said.

“He wasn’t really in the fight, let’s be honest,” he said.

Journalist Phillip O’Connor asked on Twitter: “Has anyone informed Jake Paul that there’s a punch in boxing called ‘the jab’ which is surprisingly useful?”

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