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Saturday, February 4, 2023

New Hampshire sets new record low temperature in the U.S. with -108°F (-78°C)

New Hampshire sets new record low temperature in the U.S. with -108°F (-78°C).

NWS said Mt Washington, the highest peak in the northeastern US, was “living up to the reputation of having the worst weather in the world”.

New Hampshire is one of several states under wind chill warnings, alongside Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, and much of New York, where a “Code Blue” alert for sub-zero temperatures was issued.

Thousands of properties have lost power and emergency shelters have been opened.

While the deep freeze is expected to be relatively brief, people are being warned the conditions are life-threatening, with schools closed in some cities due to risks of children suffering hypothermia and frostbite.

One weather expert says the wind chills forecast could cause frostbite on exposed skin in just 10 minutes.

Parts of the US are experiencing a record-breaking wind chill factor that is so cold it’s literally off the National Weather Service’s official charts.

The northeast of the country has been struck by a powerful arctic blast, with the temperature at New Hampshire‘s Mount Washington plummeting to a new low of -46F (-43C).

But the wind chill temperature is how cold people actually feel while outside and depend on the strength and temperature of winds.

High winds of 96mph on Mt Washington have produced a wind chill factor of -108F (-78C) – comfortably below the lowest point on the National Weather Service’s (NWS) wind chill chart, which stands at -98F (-72C).

I love laying in a chair and looking up at the stars on a clear summer night, but I am far from an astronomy expert. To be perfectly honest, a lot of things about space completely freak me out and I have ZERO interest in ever traveling up there. That being said, if I can see cool space things from the comfort of my own home, I am totally in. That is why I am now completely fascinated by all the headlines saying a "green comet" will be traveling by Earth soon, but what exactly is a green comet, and why is it so special?

At its closet point, the green comet will still be "more than 100 times the moon’s distance away from Earth", but if conditions are just right and the comet is burning bright enough, we may notice a green smudge located near Polaris, aka, The North Star, tomorrow during the early morning hours after the moon has set here in Illinois.

If getting up super early tomorrow or digging out your binoculars is definitely something you don't want to do, CNN says The Virtual Telescope Project will be streaming a live feed of the comet passing by Rome

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