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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Veteran tattoo artist, Michael Ralph, tattooed an image of a vagina across a young client's cheek

Veteran tattoo artist Michael Ralph tattooed an image of a vagina across a young client's cheek. The customer has been slammed on social media for the explicit tat, with one describing it as "true clown behavior”.

The ink master told NeedToKnow.Online that he initially thought the man was playing a prank when he received the raunchy request.

“I got a message that read: ‘I would like to set an appointment to get a semi-realistic vagina tattooed on my face more specifically in my sideburn,’ ” Ralph recalled.

The client added that he had a “limited budget” and wanted to have the inking done in less than an hour.

“My first thought was, ‘Am I reading this right?’ ” Ralph — who is based in Washington, DC, — said. “I read it again, and there was no mistake. My second thought was ‘Did he lose a bet?’ “

After receiving the request, the tattooist told the client to wait a month to make sure it wasn’t a “spur-of-the-moment decision.”

To the artist’s surprise, the client followed up 30 days later, saying he was still interested in the ink.

“I told him it may close doors of opportunity that would be open if he didn’t have a vagina tattooed on his face — that he may lose his job or not get hired in the future,” Ralph stated.

“After that, I asked him how old he was, because in my mind, if he was under 25, I might have told him he needed to wait until his brain was fully developed, so there was no regret,” he added. “Lucky for him he was 26.”

The customer was undeterred, and Ralph subsequently performed the inking. He took snaps of his handiwork and posted them to his Instagram page.

While the unidentified man went viral for having a vagina tattooed on his face, a British woman recently hit headlines for having her actual vagina inked.

Becky Holt, 34, had her labia inked by an artist, leaving her in an “incredible amount of pain” and unable to have sex for a month.

Ralph shared a picture of the insane tattoo on his Instagram page. He called it the craziest tattoo he’s ever done. He started the caption of the post out by saying, “Tell me you never want to get laid again without telling me you never want to get laid again… lol.”

This guy might be 26, but it’s debatable if his brain is fully developed. I’m not one to hate. If he wants a vagina tattooed on his face that’s on him.

I’m happy there are people out there doing these wild things. But I don’t want hear how hard life is and that he can’t find a job and all of that. You made this decision, now you have to live with it.

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