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Friday, March 3, 2023

BIOGRAPHY AND WIKIPEDIA: Meet the most popular chef in USA, Chef Andre Rush

Meet the most popular chef in USA, Chef Andre Rush. What made Rush so popular is because he was the official chef of the White House in Washington DC...
Chef Rush began cooking in the White House in 1997 and did so for four presidents— Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump before resigning as the White House chef in 2020...

At age 48, Rush weighs around 275 pounds, Chef Rush is also a combat veteran who retired as a master sergeant in the United States Army. 

While Andre Rush is clearly a talented chef (he has over 150 culinary awards to prove it)...

Chef Rush is committed to supporting the United States military while giving back to his community. His lifestyle is glued together by driving through hardships with a positive attitude and the passion to be his best self. Cooking, weight training, and speaking engagements are several of the ways he supports mental, physical, and emotional health.

After an immediate outburst, Bennet explained her tweet: "For inquiring minds, yep, that's Chef Rush, and he was happy to tell me his arms are 24-inches around."

"Tiny" is his nickname, and by now you can gather that it's an ironic one. Andre Rush is a 285-pound tank of a human, who has to slit the sleeves of his chef coats to fit them around his now-famous 24-inch biceps. Since his appearance behind the President's digs, he's been interviewed on TMZ, been written about in Colombia and Australia, and spawned a thousand Twitter jokes (mostly about customers' reluctance to send dishes back to the kitchen once they see the guy who made them).

Before he was an Internet celebrity, the Mississippi native was Army Master Sergeant Rush, a 23-year military veteran. He worked as a senior aide to West Point's superintendent and trained as a chef while serving his country, mastering everything from pastry and chocolate sculpting to ice carving.

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