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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Former stripper and Pinky, Ennie Tembie, sells her menstrual blood

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Former stripper sells her menstrual blood. (Read More Here).

Socialite and businesswoman Ennie Tembie Clearly neè Tshabalala, known as Bargeoise Brazil, continues to shock people as if her appearance is not enough. She is now selling her menstrual blood. She first became a topic of discussion when she appeared on the cooking show, Come Dine With Me, and cooked pink chicken feet.

But now she is taking things to a different level altogether. While most women guard themselves when they are on their periods , Ennie has taken the road less taken and is selling her menstrual blood. "I now sell my blood," she says proudly. Her business started after she discovered a fetish many men have called 'menophilia' (a fetish where the sight, smell, feel, taste and thought of menstruation and blood is sexually arousing).
"Sex sells honey, I courier across South Africa,” she boasts
She says saw an opportunity to turn her pain into gain without fear of her blood being used for rituals. "Men who get sexually aroused by menstrual blood- they buy soiled pads, tampons and lingerie to sniff, wear, keep and others go as far as drinking the menstrual blood ," says Ennie. She could care less that her blood could fall into the wrong hands and evil things be done to it and affect her entire life.

No stranger to controversy, the lady who only wears pink and owns everything pink, also sells skin-lightening products. 

Speaking to Sunday World about the rather bizarre business venture, Clearly said she saw an opportunity to turn her pain into gain without fear of her blood being used for rituals.

“I’m from the sex industry and have realised that I want to come back into the industry to live my life the way I want to,” said Clearly.

“I produced this business idea after I discovered [that] I had fibroids and was anaemic. I saw a gap and decided to get into this big business venture which a lot of people do not know about.”

In terms of packaging, she said the blood she uses is what the client at the time prefers, which is sometimes on pads or placed inside a container.

“There are those who want a pad, so they want to wear which makes them feel good, and those that want the actual blood in a container to spread on themselves.

“At times I get blood clots and I store them in a cup with a little blood in there and the clients eat the clots.

“Sometimes they feel satisfied by seeing the blood dripping out from my vagina and I charge extra for that.”

To preserve the blood, she explained further, that she stores the containers in a fridge that everyone at home uses.

She said there is nothing wrong with what she offers, and she does not believe her blood will be used for witchcraft purposes either. 

“I’m atheist but also very fascinated by Satan, so I don’t believe that my clients would use the blood for ulterior motives.

“I’m really not bothered by people who judge me and the life that I live, I’ve been bullied for almost my entire life.”

She goes further to says her late husband, who passed away a year ago, never had a problem having sex while she was on her cycle, and she loved it too.

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