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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Actor, Jonathan Majors and actress Meagan Good, seen getting dinner at Red Lobster

The pair — who were accompanied by the “Think Like a Man” actress’ mom, Tyra Wardlow-Doyle, and her older sister, La’Myia Good — were photographed inside the restaurant while they chatted and ate together.

Once they were done with their meal, they tried to hide their faces while walking out of the seafood eatery in Los Angeles.

The three women were treated to more than just a meal as they each walked out of the restaurant with their own bouquet of flowers.

Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good decided to keep their recent date low-key by quietly slipping in and out of Red Lobster. However, things seem to be getting pretty serious. The pair dined with some members of Good’s family. The stars of Creed 3 and Harlem were spotted at the Woodland Hills location of the seafood chain. They reportedly spent a leisurely three hours conversing and indulging in the establishment’s seafood offerings. During their time at the restaurant, it was observed that Jonathan had thoughtfully brought flowers. 

Prior to her involvement with Majors, Good was married to DeVon Franklin for a duration of nine years, with the couple filing for divorce in December 2021. It seems like things are getting pretty serious between the new couple.

While Majors is lacking in support from many other areas, it seems at least one person is on his side. According to PEOPLE, Meagan Good offered support to Jonathan Majors in light of all the negativity. Additionally, their relationship has evolved into a romantic one. A source shared with the outlet, “Meagan and Jonathan have maintained a friendship for some time. Meagan has shown significant support for him,” referring to the recent allegations. “It appears that their relationship has progressed beyond that stage.”

Their visit to Red Lobster follows their recent public appearance at LAX. There, they were seen holding hands as they arrived from New York. The pair seemed very into one another as they walked down the tarmac and headed to their awaiting vehicle. Despite the controversies surrounding Majors, he and Meagan Good continue to exhibit signs of a genuine and evolving relationship. Meeting Good’s family represents a significant step forward in their connection. It seems to highlight the depth of their bond. What do you think of the new pairing

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