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Friday, May 26, 2023

Fans believe new song of J hus 'It's Crazy' sounds demonic and promotes juju


Fans believe new song of J hus 'It's Crazy' sounds demonic and promotes juju. 

Following the release of his 2020 album Big Conspiracy, fans are excited to see where the East London rapper will take us with his next album.

It seems that the project will be called 'DON'T SAY MILITANCY' after the rapper has been teasing the title across social media and London.

Accompanying the release of "It's Crazy" is a visually stunning music video directed by Taz Tron Delix. The video starts with J Hus positioned amongst a sizable crowd in an undisclosed location, creating an aura of intrigue. The scenes seamlessly transition into what appears to be a chaotic riot, filled with adrenaline-inducing imagery of four-wheelers, blazing barrels, and more. The visual aesthetic enhances the impact of the song, captivating viewers and further immersing them in J Hus's artistic vision. 

J Hus has again confirmed that his new album will be released in 2023.

He uploaded a string of posts in January 2023 that he will be dropping a new project.

The rapper wrote on Instagram, "The women in my life remove the confusion. They tell me fuck the p*ssy sh*t & let them have it. Go Insane on dem. KDA. Album out mid year & visuals. I’M BACK!!!"

Rumors of new music from J Hus began to circulate this week when billboards featuring a mysterious phone number were spotted around London. Anyone calling the number was greeted with a message from Hus stating "We're back."

J Hus' debut album Common Sense was released in 2017. He followed it three years later with 2020's Big Conspiracy. He has remained off the radar in the years since, only emerging to appear on "Cloak & Dagger," a track on Burna Boy's latest album Love, Damini. In the opening lines of "It's Crazy," J Hus reflects on the internal struggles he faces, acknowledging the presence of his inner demons. He candidly reveals the decisions he has made, symbolized by releasing three of the six devils within him. Expressing the need for space, he tells his friend to step back, emphasizing the intensity of his personal journey. J Hus's raw and personal storytelling invites listeners into his world, where he navigates the complexities of his emotions and experiences.

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