VIDEO: Tiktoker claims Winn-Dixie is empty and has no food following DeSantis' anti-immigrant bill of chasing undocumented workers in Florida KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Monday, May 15, 2023

VIDEO: Tiktoker claims Winn-Dixie is empty and has no food following DeSantis' anti-immigrant bill of chasing undocumented workers in Florida

Tiktoker claims Winn-Dixie is empty and has no food following DeSantis' anti-immigrant bill. 

DeSantis made an anti-immigrant bill that brought manual labor to a screeching halt in Florida. I thought this is what socialist grocery stores were supposed to look like

Immigrant-hunting will be as expensive as the well-paid lawyers DeSantis is employing to uphold civil rights violations.

By signing into law a sweeping anti-immigrant bill, DeSantis has built his own wall around the state’s sea and land borders, hoping to outdo Donald Trump’s U.S.-Mexico effort, wimpy and inefficient by comparison.

The Republican governor and his sycophant Legislature figured out that all they had to do was terrorize people with the ruthless contents of SB 1718 — and asylum-seekers wouldn’t confuse the Sunshine State for a sanctuary.

It’s already working so well that immigrant construction workers in South Florida weren’t showing up to work this week for fear that there would be a round-up and they’d be deported, CBS News Miami reported.

"From farming to construction, the law is expected to have a wide-ranging impact on a number of industries vital to Florida's economy," said the report. "Some farm workers are already too scared to go to work and are considering leaving the state, which could cause a huge staffing crisis for Florida agriculture."

Among other things, the bill institutes new state-level penalties for transporting undocumented immigrants to Florida, imposes new requirements on certain companies to check immigration status, and renders out-of-state driver's licenses issued to undocumented immigrants void in the state.

It also adds another $12 million to the "migrant relocation" program that DeSantis controversially used to round up migrants in Texas and fly them to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

"'I've been hearing that probably they will not be sending their kids to school, and they are afraid to go to work, and it's sad,' Denise Negron, the executive director of the Farmworker Coordinator Council of Palm Beach County," said in the report.

He’s got your back on the hate, red Floridians.

For starters, millions of your tax dollars have been designated by Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Legislature — no, not to subsidize our skyrocketing home insurance — but to ship planeloads of new immigrants to blue states.

The governor will fish them from the sea, if he has to, for publicity stunts.

His presidential aspirations need shocker headlines — and the oxygen in his $117 billion big government budget only left room for catering to your irrational immigrant-loathing and to fighting Disney World in courts over one opinion contrary to his.

"'This is the people that we have to thank because thanks to them we have food on our tables,' Negron said. 'Agriculture and farm work is a job that nobody wants to do.' During a Thursday fundraiser gala for the Farmworker Coordinating Council, Negron said she worries for the organization's future as they work to provide social and human services to farm workers."

All of this comes as DeSantis, who just wrapped up a legislative session full of GOP wish list items on everything from school censorship to abortion, is preparing to formally launch his campaign for the 2024 presidential election.

Reactions below:

Michelle: Undocumented workers are leaving Florida in droves. It’s effecting farmers, hotels, restaurants, construction, lawn companies, & especially grocery stores w perishables. 
Understandably many Hispanic truck drivers are refusing to enter the state.
Nicely done DeSantis.

Cynthia: pure bullshit. I can't stand DeSantis but you lose credibility with this nonsense. Undocumented workers are not licensed long haul truckers delivering perishables to Supermarkets.

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