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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

VIDEO: Lochan GAGGED Tyrique after piping up for disrespecting Whitney on Love Island

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Lochan GAGGED Tyrique after piping up for disrespecting Whitney on Love Island.

Love Island viewers jumped to Lochan Nowacki's defence after he lost his temper at Tyrique Hyde on Tuesday night's show. 

The account manager, 25, stood up for himself after semi-professional footballer Tyrique, 24, started an argument when a clip aired to the islanders for the Graftie Awards. 

Lochan was up for the award for the 'Most Snakey Sitch', with footage airing of him discussing Abi Moores and Scott Van-Der-Sluis's connection. Whitney Adebayo said: 'What's wrong with that? Everyone speaks to their partner.'

Tyrique replied: 'Not about certain stuff,' to which Lochan intervened: 'His points are irrelevant. He's piping up for no reason.'

The semi-pro footballer hit back: 'So don't say what I'm saying is irrelevant because it ain't irrelevant.'

Lochan told him: 'That's fine then. You're built like that, men are built different'. 

Viewers took to Twitter to comment on the fiery exchange. 

One wrote: 'Ty is quiet I bet lochan shouting at him reset his brain.' 

'Lochan can share whatever with his girl, Tyrique shut the f**k up with the Bro code. You see all the guy as a competition stop acting like you care,' said another viewer. 

'Yes lochan & Whitney stand your ground cause idk why Ty has something to say, like sometimes shut up,' said another.

The Islanders attend the ceremony and the winners of each category are announced.

During one clip Lochan can be seen talking to Whitney about what Mitchel Taylor had told the boys in confidence.

Ty was NOT happy and fumes: "Why have you told Whitney Mitch's information?"

Lochan replies: "I'm talking to her, she's my partner! I talk to her about what's going on in the villa, I stand by It.

Viewers think that Ty is turning on Lochan and Whitney, who were crowned the public's favourite couple, so that HE wins the £50k prize.

One said on X, formerly known as Twitter: "whys Tyrique piping up like that, he’s deffo trying to get lochan and whitney to have problems so tyrique and ella can win the 50k. HE MIGHT BE THE BIGGEST GAME PLAYER OF ALL TIME UNO…"

Another wrote: "Ty has been on Whitney neck and anyone he feels has a chance of winning . He sabotage Catherine and scott And thinks he can try it with Whitney and Lochan It is more for this reason that they must win."

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