PHOTO: Ex-girlfriend outed Xavier Wulf as a rapist who rapes women while doing cocaine in viral Reddit post KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

PHOTO: Ex-girlfriend outed Xavier Wulf as a rapist who rapes women while doing cocaine in viral Reddit post

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Ex-girlfriend outed Xavier Wulf as a rapist who rapes women while doing cocaine in viral Reddit post.

The ex-girlfriend of Xavier Wulf claims the rapper does cocaine (high drugs).

She wrote:

"TRIGGER WARNING⚠️ DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. SEXUAL ABUSE & ANIMAL ABUSE This is a long time coming… in September 2018 I began a relationship with Xavier Wulf. We had met a while ago before that but we were just friends. Anyway… we began a relationship & within the 3rd month of being with him things really took a turn. There was always red flags like the fact that he would do copious amounts of cocaine, ecstasy, & drink lean every week for days… but the verbals, emotional & physical really started. I’m going to post a screenshot of the events of what I had to write down to send to my lawyer(going to attach what I wrote since it’s too many screenshots) …. He did all these things to me. He would force me to do drugs with him & sometimes force me to do things sexually with him when I didn’t want too… when I didn’t want to do drugs with him or have sex with him or give him head he would force me… for Christmas he bought me a dog . Her name is Ramen… this man was so evil and unhinged that he would take his anger out on ramen… ramen was still a baby we got her at 3 months & at 3 months he was beating her…she was so scared of him that everytime she saw him she would poop herself. He would throw her across the room. He would grab the TV remote and hit her with it. When I would try to defend her or protect her he would just end up hitting me & throwing me across the room. The memories of this make my heart hurt, makes me cry, & sick to my stomach till this day. A helpless little dog getting abused for no reason. One time I tried to call the police he broke my phone. He broke my glasses… so many of my things he broke. The justice system failed me though. I called the cops one time & all he got was probation & he had to donate money. I tried to sue him & he tried to settle for 10k but I said no & pushed for more & eventually nothing ended up happening. All I got was a restraining order that lasts for 5 years.

December 2 After his show in LA December 2. Him & I were arguing about me over hearing him telling him to tell some girls to come over... he said it wasn’t true... we kept fighting in the way back until we got to the apartment... continued to fight in his room. Ash & her friend tried to talk to me & calm me down.. went downstairs to hang out & drink more with everyone... I went to sleep.. he woke me up yelling saying that I ruined his night & that he just wants to turn up with his girlfriend.. that he can have anyone there but he chose me to be there. He was doing coke & telling me to do coke. I did not want to but he kept peer pressuring me & threatening me saying if I didn’t do it that I would have to leave & he was going to call someone else to come do coke with him... I did about 2 lines ... he calmed down a bit but I didn’t want to continue. I was just laying there ... he came beside me a grabbed me by my arm & then grabbed my bra & ripped it off as he brought me off the bed... then grabbed me & took my downstairs & forcefully pushed me out his apartment with out my belongings (car keys, purse, clothes) & closed the door ... I started knocking on the door he opened the door then grabbed me by the arm & took me upstairs. As we get to his room he threw me against the bathroom door and I fell to the floor...(I remember being hurt from my leg and it was difficult to walk up the stairs & down the stairs for 2 days) I got up & he was yelling at me to wake up that he wanted to have fun & have sex with his girlfriend. As I got up I tried walking to the other side of the room & sat down on the bed & he followed & I said I wanted to go home to my parents & he grabbed me off the bed & headbutted me... then he said he was going to call his “sister” ash to come fight me... I talked him out of it & I ended up doing cocaine all morning with him & having sex ...

December 28-29 2018 The night we got Ramen I woke up at about 2AM because and I could not go back to sleep. Long story short... he tried to force me to go back to bed and I did not want too. He grabbed me and held me down to go to sleep... I got upset and said something about it... which he then flipped out... tried to kick me out & we just kept arguing... I had a sweater on that he bought me & he told me to take it off before I left & i did not want to & i got my things got up & started walking away... he then grabbed me & tried forcing to take the sweater off I kept trying to get away he then pushed me against the wall hard I fell.. & threw my stuff everywhere... I tried to get up To go down stairs he then pushed me against the wall beside the studio room and was yelling all types of things in my face & wouldn’t let me go I said I was going to call the police he grabbed my phone & threw it then started smashing it yelling” you see this” “what phone now” “you’re not going to call anyone” “this is what u fucking get” I remember i went downstairs to get a knife because I was scared he took the knife from me & it cut me a little on my finger... since he broke my phone I saw his laptop & went to go get it to throw it outside the balcony & he chased after me & tackled me down & I fell & scraped my knee... after that we sat down on the couch talked things over & got over it.

Can’t remember the date but one time he was mad I don’t know why but he just got off the phone with his mom & seemed to be annoyed by her .. he spilled weed all over his floor and he started yelling at me telling me to vaccum it . When I didn’t get up quick enough he yelled at me even more... kept yelling at me to go get the vaccum & vaccum it... He would always start fights with me about nothing or just get mad about anything... he would push me around... When I found girl clothes he went to the closet & took all the girl clothes he had in his closet yelling at me saying “you want to look through my shit make sure you get everything” & threw the clothes at me & told me to throw it all away in the trash ... I said I didn’t want to he pushed me & yelled at me more insulting me...he forced me to throw the clothes away in the trash can

Feb 9 -11 2019 After his show in Pomona... we had did molly that night ... he received a phone call I told him to pick up it was a girl... she said things that made me question him.. I told him to let me see their messages in their phone ... his other phone was downstairs he went downstairs got his phone & deleted the messages. We went back upstairs he was explaining himself to me I said I wanted to go home & got up he then just threw me back down on the bed & started choking me. He stopped choking me I got up & started to pack my things while arguing with him... I got downstairs he said to please just stay one more night with him to sleep with him I didn’t want too he dragged me upstairs by my arms while getting dragged I managed to get up & he grabbed my arm & forced me to go to his room & pushed me on his bed... I didn’t feel like fighting back anymore I was too afraid... eventually fell asleep...

Feb 17-18 2019 I honestly can not really remember what happened but I have pictures from that night & I have a bruised eye & marks all over my body & neck what i vaguely remember is him yelling at me & just smacking me in the face what i do remember is we went to big bear the following day & I remember after we got to big bear I went to take a shower & I was just crying ..crying ... & crying in the bathroom in big bear thinking to myself that this isn’t right.

February 23/ 24th 11-12 AM 2019 I reposted a post on Instagram about guys who do cocaine & how they can’t get their private parts to work. He saw it & got upset. He didn’t talk to me for a whole day ... until later at night & when we talked on the phone he was being rude & telling me mean things... I hung up on him... i had to do a video shoot the same day & he got upset because He thought I was having sex with guys not actually doing a video shoot.... he also had to leave that same day to do a show in Dallas. He kept calling me at night but my friend convinced me to not answer his calls because he was being rude & saying mean things when I did talk to him... the next day finally talked to him & went over his house & he started questioning me about what I did the previous night. We went upstairs got in his bed & he went back downstairs... I was on Instagram & found out that he had lied to me about going to his show in Dallas so I called him upstairs & told him I was tired of him lying & that I was going to leave... as soon as I got up from the bed he grabbed me by the neck & pushed me on the bed by my neck. I tried to get up & he immediately grabbed me by my head & headbutted me 3 times. One time after the other. I started to see stars & fell back on the bed. I got nauseous & got up to go to the restroom .. I touched where he headbutted me & I could feel a big bump... when I got up to go to the restroom he then pushed me against the wall. I fell. & when he looked down on me he helped me get up & started to say he was so sorry & started hugging me & kissing me.. I walked towards the mirror in the bathroom to see that I had a huge bump on my forehead. He kept saying he was sorry... & I left.. I got in my car & called a domestic violence hotline but was frustrated because no one was answering. Until I found another number & Someone answered. I stayed on the phone for a bit. Then I saw that he was calling me so I called back. We talked. I went back to his apartment. He left to buy me an ice pack & I stayed in his bed... with a very bad headache. I left the nest day when his friends where there so he wouldn’t stop me from leaving & I went to the hospital.

April 13 2019 .... he pushed me against the wall because he thought I didn’t want him to go out with my brothers & I. My friend Sarai was over at the time & she was downstairs & when I went back downstairs she asked me what happened because she heard yelling & a loud thud.

April 16. 2019 in Australia when we got to the hotel from the AirPort... he took a shower & when he got out I noticed he was angry I asked what was wrong. He started asking me who was better than him in bed. Who was bigger. I didn’t feel comfortable answering those questions. & he got mad. He started going crazy on me .. yelling . Saying mean things... I got up & was going to leave the hotel when I got up he pushed me against the wall & I fell. .. I tired to get up & as I was getting up he pushed my head back & I fell back again. I got up & said I was going to tell his mom that was in the room next to us as I was going to the door he came in front of me & pushed me down by my neck."

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