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Monday, April 22, 2024

HOT: Lights are on in HYBE building at 1:30AM for meeting involving Min Heejin

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Lights are on in HYBE building at 1:30AM for meeting involving Min Heejin.

In order to protect its artist, NewJeans, and for the healthy development of our country's music industry and culture, ADOR is making a public statement.

HYBE operates a multi-label system in which multiple labels independently create their own music and pursue cultural diversity through this. ADOR is one of those labels. Yet, ironically, the cultural achievements achieved by ADORE and its artist NewJeans are being gravely violated by HYBE.

Belif Lab, one of HYBE’s record labels, debuted the 5-member female idol group ILLIT in March this year. After ILLIT’s teaser photo was released, reactions like 'I thought it was New Jeans' flooded the online world. ILLIT is copying New Jeans in all areas of entertainment activities, including hair, makeup, costumes, choreography, photography, video and event appearances. The ILLIT is evaluated as 'Min Hee-jin style', 'Min Hee-jin style' and 'imitation new jeans'.
This is truly shameful.

HYBE’s president Bang Si-hyuk produced ILLIT’s debut album. Not only was ILLIT’s copy of New Jeans made by the label Belift Lab, but HYBE was also involved. HYBE, a leading K-POP company, is blinded by short-term profits and copies successful cultural content without any hesitation, producing banality instead of showing novelty.

New Jeans is currently gearing up for a comeback in May. However, ILLIT summoned NewJeans, who were not active. The emergence of an imitation damaged the image of New Jeans, becoming the subject of unnecessary controversy, causing concern and fatigue among fans and the public. The culprits who created this situation are HYBE and Belif Lab, but the damage caused by this is the sole responsibility ADOR and NewJeans.

There is an answer that it is understandable that ILLIT is similar to New Jeans since they are HYBE labels. Some even say that ADOR and NewJeans would have allowed or understood this similarity. However, these reactions are clearly a misunderstanding and we would like to correct this. Multi-label is a system that allows each record label to independently produce the music it wants, and is in no way a system that allows other record labels to follow a label's cultural achievements just because it is an affiliated label.

And ADOR has never allowed or consented to copying NewJeans' for anyone, including HYBE and Belif Lab. ADOR does not want NewJeans and ILLIT to be associated in any way. Just because we debut under the HYBE label, we have no intention of tolerating any promotion that claims we are someone's youngest group.

ADOR has already raised an official issue with HYBE and Belif Lab regarding not only this copying incident, but also a series of actions taken by HYBE regarding NewJeans, including this one. However, HYBE and Belif Lab did not admit their mistake but were busy making excuses and taking time to provide a specific response. Meanwhile, HYBE suddenly notified today (April 22, 2024) that it would take action to suspend and dismiss Min Hee-jin as CEO, citing concerns that CEO Min Hee-jin would significantly harm ADOR’s corporate value.

At the same time, the media is trying to play with the media with ridiculous content, such as saying that CEO Min Hee-jin “tried to confiscate management rights”. How can a legitimate protest to protect the cultural achievements of its artist, NewJeans, harm ADOR’s interests, or how can it become an act of usurpation of ADOR’s management rights? be aware.

HYBE, Belif Lab, and President Bang Si-hyuk have not adequately apologized or prepared countermeasures for this incident, but they seem to think that everything will be over if they simply kick CEO Min Hee-jin out of the company. ADOR will use all possible means and methods to protect the cultural achievements that New Jeans has achieved and prevent further infringements due to copying.“

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