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Thursday, April 25, 2024

PHOTO: LEE TAEYONG seen wearing blue Platoon armband in viral picture

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that LEE TAEYONG seen wearing blue Platoon armband in viral picture.

PLATOON LEADER LEE TAEYONG said: "Taeyong : Platoon Leader Trainee, Lee Taeyong!My beloved family, my beloved ones, are you guys doing well? I received the training well here in Jinhae! Here in Jinhae, I will return as a great navy sailor! Pilseung (victory)!" 

NCT's Taeyong showcased his natural leadership abilities once more at the ROK Navy's recent new recruit welcoming ceremony held on April 24. Amidst the sea of recruits, the NCT leader stood out prominently in the front row, adorned with a distinctive blue armband denoting his role as the ‘New Recruit 2nd Squadron Platoon Leader’. Taeyong exemplified unwavering composure and dedication as he took his oath alongside his fellow enlistees.

Fans on social media are overflowing with pride for Taeyong, lauding his dedication and performance during his military service. One fan exclaimed, “He does his best wherever he is, he promised us and he proved it, he's doing soooo wellll”. Another fan expressed, "TAEYONG I'M SO PROUD OF YOU”, while remarking on his youthful appearance, “he's aging backwards”. Admirers further emphasized his leadership qualities, declaring, “born to be leader, LEE TAEYONG”.

The brief sighting of Taeyong in the military uniform has fans sent into a frenzy. Fans spotted a blue armband which signifies ‘Platoon Leader Trainee’, 2nd Battalion.

On April 15, the 28-year-old idol became the first NCT member to enlist in the Navy. Before his enlistment, Taeyong penned a heartfelt letter expressing his determination to work hard during his military service and grow for his members and fans. 

He will be serving as a naval officer after completing five weeks of training at the center. His expected discharge date is December 14, 2025.

On another note, he made a comeback in February and held a solo fan concert before enlistment.

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