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Thursday, October 29, 2020

(Video) Mummy Ope receives bad reward for her archaic mentality in a new comedy skit with Mr. Maraconi

Nigerian comedian, Debo Macaroni, popularly known as, Mr. Macaroni, has dropped a new comedy skit with Mrs./Mummy Ope. His new skit centres on the issue of End SARS protest.

In his new comedy skit, Mr. Macaroni is seen in front of his door as he plans to go out before his neighbour, Mummy Ope sees him and explains her own pains about the end SARS protest. 

Mummy Ope tells Mr. Macaroni about Nigerian youths, who are vandalising and looting all in the name of protest. Mr. Macaroni tells her that it isn't the handwork of the peaceful protesters, rather the handwork of hoodlums (irresponsible youths).

Mummy Ope, who wasn't still convinced, tells Debo Maraconi that the Nigerian government has answered the youths by disbanding SARS but can't get why the youths are still protesting. 

Debo Macaroni respectfully slams Mummy Ope by telling her that the Nigerian government and Nigerian Police failed in their duties during the protests. Iya Ope concludes her opinion by saying 'the worse police is better than the best criminal.'

Few seconds she made the above statement, a guy runs into the compound and breaks the news to Mummy Ope that her son has been stabbed by some hoodlums. Mummy Ope immediately blames the Nigerian police for her misfortune and runs to meet her stabbed son. She finally got a bad reward for her archaic mentality. 


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