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Friday, January 8, 2021

Nigerian Influencer, Dessy Handsum gets exposed after scamming and sending an innocent man to police cell

Wonders keep happening in Nigeria. A popular Influencer, shoe seller and bitcoin lord, Dessy Handsum and his wife, Zainab (Zee), have been called out after scamming a man.

According to reports, Dessy scammed a man of $5,000 (N2M+) after he sold bitcoins to him. Dessy only gave the man (name withheld) N1.1M but refused to pay the other N1.3M. Currently, the man is in police detention because the person who gave him the bitcoins to sell has told the police to arrest him. 

The man who was scammed by Dessy Handsum has a newborn with his wife. His wife, who happens to be a new mother was the one that called out Dessy Handsum for scamming her husband and making him land in police cell. 

Narrating the story, she wrote:

"That's the Dessy Handsum the video calls he had with my husband on different occasions before my husband sent him the bitcoin. Ma, my husband met that heartless man called Dessy Handsum on Instagram after my husband got the bitcoin from the owner who gave it to my husband to help him sell at my husband mind of making some profits for himself. 
After he sent Dessy Handsum the Bitcoin Dessy Handsum started giving excuses and telling my husband that he's busy with different stories instead of sending the money to mt husband at some point my husband managed to plead so much and he sent 1.1 million naira to my husband with the balance of N1,354,000 remaining still with him. 

"At the end of it all after my husband started calling for his money he blocked my husband. The owner of the bitcoin who gave it to my husband to sell came calling for their money which they didn't got complete im full and at some point brought military and beat my husband later on arrested since last year and kept in detention till this moment. 

"He spent his Christmas and New year in detention up till now."

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