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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Igbo man slams his fellow Igbos who bury their dead loved ones in Lagos; he calls it abomination

An Igbo man, Okafor_Mang, has slammed his fellow Igbos who bury their loved ones in Lagos or cities not relating to their hometowns/homelands. He indirectly called such practices "an abomination."

Taking to his Twitter page, Okafor, openly slammed his fellow Igbo men and women who bury their families, friends, etc in Lagos or foreign lands. After sharing his tweets, alot of Igbo began to disagree with him. 

After seeing how his fellow Igbos were disagreeing with him, he slammed them again by saying the people who have disagreed with his statement are those who don't have houses back at home - in Igboland. He continued by saying if his fellow Igbos keep burying their dead ones in Lagos or in foreign lands, the Igbo culture and traditions will fade off very soon. 

He wrote:

"So some IGBOs in this Lagos bury their dead here instead of taking the corpse home?
Man gesturing ok
Man facepalming
I’m weak to my bones.

"I’m shocked at the replies many IGBOs are giving on this. Chineke ekwela ihe ojoo. Well from the replies I have seen here, can see some people rarely visit their village due to family reasons or whatsoever issues they have in their community. Some don’t even have a roof back home but they think they are all woke & Civilized. IGBO tradition will fade off soon.

"There are more WOKE Igbo people on twitter than in reality. 
Face with tears of joy
Rolling on the floor laughing."

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