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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

(Video) Hypocrites get exposed in a new comedy skit with Mr. Macaroni

Nigerian comedian, Mr. Macaroni, has dropped a new comedy skit, titled, "The Exam." His new comedy skit features, Isbae U, BroBouche, Soji Moses (Bobonla1), Aluko Adetola Gold (DivaGold) and Oluwatimileyin Agbaje (Timi Agbaje). 

In the new comedy skit, Mr. Macaroni (Professor Hardlife) enters the classroom and distributes examination question papers to his students. After the distribution, he tells them that they've 5 minutes and 5 seconds to answer 1,500 questions.

His students begin to write. While writing, one of his students (Bobonla) brings out a piece of paper, which he begins to copy from (cheating). Prof. Hardlife sees him and takes the piece of paper from him. Prof. Hardlife gives him two opinions, which he calls "poison." While the cheat (the student) is deciding on which poison to pick, a hypocrite (Timi) begins to preach to him with some motivational speeches.

In the end, the cheat (Bobonla1) accepts to chew the paper, swallow and digest it. A few seconds later, the hypocrite (Timi Agbaje) who preached to Bobonla1, gets caught in the act after his phone rang in the examination hall. Prof. Hardlife takes the paper from him. Timi begins to plead for Prof. Hardlife to have mercy on him.

While Timi is about to eat the paper, a book drops from DivaGold's body. The whole class screams, "Ahhhh!" Prof. Hardlife picks the book up and looks it with great surprise. BroBouche turns and hilariously asks her if she had breakfast before sitting for the examination. DivaGold was one of the hypocrites who attacked Bobonla. 

Video below:

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