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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

VIDEO: "What changed?" - Nigerians react to how 1950 election was peaceful

Nigerians are currently reacting to how an election that was conducted in 1950 was actually peaceful. Now, Nigerians are asking an important question, "What really changed?" 

Taking to Twitter, a popular history page, Nigeria Stories, shared a video showing how a peaceful election was conducted on 11/09/1950 in Lagos. It was Lagos Municipal election and also the first election where women voted. 

Video below:

After the video went viral, Nigerians began to react. Read their reactions below:

Clock face eight oclock
Replying to 
So nobody talked about how peaceful and orderly they were. You all are busy arguing about who they were electing. 

Flag of Nigeria
Gem stone
Replying to 
They want to go and cast their votes, yet the dress like they are to an important party. Nigeria was sweet then sha. 

Replying to 
Those who removed history from the curriculum have done a very great disservice to the nation. Many nigerians do not know that elections in nigeria predates independence. 

Mojekwu Tochukwu
Replying to 
And the election is quite organized than the current election. 

Andrella (AF)
Replying to 
This people that experienced peacefully elections, are the current ones that are creating riots and chaos in this present day, if it’s not witchcraft & wickedness I don’t know what it is. 

Délé Ọládẹ̀jọ
Replying to 
Who did this to our country, so many of you didn't know that there were elections in the 40's and 50's before independence. 

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