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Saturday, August 27, 2022

CAUSE OF DEATH? Doble Porción announces Colombian rapper, Sadman Santi Métricas Frías, has died

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Doble Porción has announced Colombian rapper, Sadman Santi Métricas Frías, has died. (Read More Here).

Taking to social media, Doble Porción, revealed that Métricas Frías is dead. His cause of death has many speculations. Some are saying he slept and didn't wake up. 

Some are saying he died of depression. Actually, his cause of death has been confirmed yet by anyone in Colombia, not even his family.

Doble Porcion wrote: "Hoy no es un día normal, porque decidiste irte. Aunque no entendemos tu decisión, siempre vamos a amarte y nunca te olvidaremos hermanito. Tantos momentos juntos, este viaje increíble, y toda la música quedará para siempre. Somos tus hermanos, tus amigos de verdad, porque estar rodeado de gente no significa muchas amistades y felicidad. Tu familia siempre podrá contar con nosotros, porque tu familia es nuestra familia. Nos duele en lo más profundo no haber podido hacer más por ti, porque ver un hermano irse lentamente nos lastimó tanto como a ti mismo.
Hoy el mundo se nos parte en mil pedazos y a partir de hoy nuestras vidas no serán las mismas,donde sea que estes siempre llevaras un pedazo de nosotros y nosotros un pedazo tuyo.Nos quedamos con el recuerdo del niño noble que conocimos y la increíble persona que fuiste.
Tranquilo bro aunque te fuiste,siempre serás inmortal.
Con amor te despide MBZ.tu otra familia!! 

English: "Today is not a normal day, because you decided to leave. Although we don't understand your decision, we will always love you and will never forget you baby brother. So many moments together, this incredible journey, and all the music will stay forever. We are your brothers, your real friends, because being surrounded by people doesn't mean a lot of friendships and happiness. Your family can always count on us, because your family is our family. It hurts us in the deepest part not to have been able to do more for you, because to see a brother slowly go hurt us as much as it hurt yourself. Today the world leaves us in a thousand pieces and from today our lives will not be the same, wherever you are you will always take a piece of us and we will take a piece of you. We are left with the memory of the noble child we met and the incredible person you were. Relax bro, even though you're gone, you'll always be immortal. With love you go MBZ. your other family."

Information reads: "NOTICIA: Muere el rapero paisa Métricas Frías, integrante del grupo Doble Porción."

Colombians have taken to social media to pay tributes after finding out about the death of Métricas Frías Sadman. 


Santiago: tú y tus letras serán recordadas siempre, SADMAN, Santi ❤️. 

PaiZ: A lo bien no me las creo que métricas frías se murió 💔. 

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