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Friday, September 9, 2022

PHOTO: Here’s a first look at Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock and Daredevil in SheHulk

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that the first look at Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock and Daredevil in #SheHulk. (Read More Here).

Cox demonstrated a "reverence and love" for his hero as he was tasked with portraying a "lighter" version of The Man Without Fear. According to Gao, Cox "was totally up for more" when it came to Murdock engaging in "funny" scenes and banter alongside Jen Walters, playing off the fact that they both make a living as lawyers in the MCU:

"He has such reverence and love for that character. It’s clear that the character meant so much to him, but he also came very game to play around. He was totally up for more funny banter and having this fun dynamic with Jen and She-Hulk. It really feels like the character from the comics. It was so fun because he really does fit into the show so perfectly. They’re both lawyers, and they’re both superheroes. Who else can say that they have that in common? It was just very fun thinking about what their dynamics would be, based on the personalities of these two characters."

When asked how they got Daredevil into the series, Gao admitted that his inclusion was "a dream that [they] dared not dream" with the way the hero's rights worked in relation to the MCU. Once the team found out that he was an option, ideas were immediately thought up for how he could be incorporated into the show as it moved further into development:

"Daredevil was a special case. Most of the time, what we do is mine the movies and the comics, and we pick a character we wanna use, then we think of what the best and funniest way is for us to use them, and then we ask Marvel, if we can have them. But Daredevil was a dream that we dared not dream. We were like, 'Oh, there’s no way. That’s not even on the table.' It never even crossed our minds. And then, we got wind, one day, that not only was he on the table, but Charlie Cox would be coming back as Daredevil, so we immediately started thinking of ways to incorporate him into our show. If we only had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting him on our show, it was still a chance, and we were gonna take it."

Daredevil's role in She-Hulk is confirmed, but how he factors into the story is so far a mystery. Marvel might now have set up Matt Murdock's introduction in Jennifer Walters' life thanks to her upcoming legal case. Whether he is responsible for representing Titania or She-Hulk, it could make sense for the very talented lawyer to become part of this case. Matt Murdock might not be as high profile of a lawyer as She-Hulk or anyone at GLK&H, but superhero law is likely to be of special interest to Daredevil and explain how he gets involved in She-Hulk's story.

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