VIDEO: A Florida rapper, La'Darion Chandler, has been arrested after he fatally shot a rival gang member & then bragged about the murder in a rap song KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Monday, March 6, 2023

VIDEO: A Florida rapper, La'Darion Chandler, has been arrested after he fatally shot a rival gang member & then bragged about the murder in a rap song

A Florida rapper has been arrested after he fatally shot a rival gang member & then bragged about the murder in a rap song. 

“He doesn’t sing well. He doesn’t move well. He’s just a terrible rapper, he’s a stupid rapper” police said. The sheriff's office said Chandler, the murder suspect, had seven prior felony arrests and five misdemeanor arrests. He was first arrested at age 11 and detained in a Juvenile Detention facility on three occasions.

"He was just a mess," said Sheriff Judd.

"He's not much of a rapper," said Sheriff Grady Judd. "But he's a stupid rapper."

The Polk County Sheriff's Office said Chandler shot 33-year-old John McGee last December.  

Investigators said McGee "was mean mugging" the other gang members when he was shot in the back. While at the hospital, McGee refused to take the medicine he needed to help his body heal. He also refused to cooperate with investigators.

Sheriff Grady Judd said investigators believed McGee wanted to get revenge on his own and take care of the person who shot him. But he never made it out of the hospital. McGee died from his injuries 24 days later.

In his most recent stay in a juvenile facility, Chandler spent 12 months behind bars.

Thirty-two days after getting out, investigators said Chandler shot McGee.

After the initial shooting, the sheriff's office had a tough time getting information. No one would talk to detectives. On December 17, 2022, a 33-year-old male was shot in the back on Pirates Way within the Secret Cove subdivision of Lakeland. He was transported to a local hospital in critical, but stable, condition. Detectives received tips from the community and were able to identify other victims and witnesses to the shooting, several of whom are documented gang members, including La’Darion Chandler. The victim – who belonged to a rival gang of Chandler’s - succumbed to his injuries on January 9, 2023. 

"Our crime is at a 51-year low, and our violent crime was down last year -- shootings like this one don't represent what's going on all over Polk County. But there is a problem with very young gangsters shooting at each other - a problem that we aim to solve. The suspects in shootings like this one aren't even supposed to have guns. We need your help to get illegally owned guns off the streets. Contact Heartland Crime Stoppers - remain anonymous - and get $500.00 in cold hard cash. Anonymity is guaranteed." - Grady Judd, Sheriff

Chandler was arrested for the February 22nd aggravated assault incident at an apartment where he lives on Pirates Way, which is near both crime scenes (the fatal shooting, and the aggravated assault). Detectives served a search warrant in the apartment and discovered ammunition in a black duffel bag. Chandler was convicted of three felonies as a juvenile – for fleeing to elude, grand theft of a motor vehicle, and vehicle burglary - and was additionally charged with convicted delinquent in possession of a firearm or ammunition, with a gang enhancement (which elevates the charge from a second degree felony to a first degree felony). 

Detectives also located a rap video on Chandler’s social media pages where he talks about shooting someone in the back – details that had not been publicly released. Click here to see the video on the PCSO YouTube channel.

The lyrics are:
Ni**a tried to run
I hit his back
Though I shoot like a mac
Dirt ass dead ni**as knowing where to find me at

Other rap songs on Chandler’s social media pages include lyrics about always being armed and photos of himself holding firearms. 

"We will pay FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS to recover the gun used in this homicide. Contact Heartland Crime Stoppers - we get the gun, and you get a whole lot of cash." - Grady Judd, Sheriff

Chandler is being held on no bond and has been charged with the following:

• First degree murder (capital felony)
• Convicted delinquent in possession of a firearm (F1)
• Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (F3).

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