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Monday, May 15, 2023

Nick Fuentes: Paul Gosar hired a Nazi as a Congressional staffer

Paul Gosar hired a Nazi as a Congressional staffer. 
Searle reportedly served as a moderator for Fuentes’ livestreams and message boards, with Fuentes shouting out his “Chikken” alias by name on multiple occasions. 

“God bless them,” Fuentes said in one livestream, praising “Chikken” and an additional user. “Strongest soldiers, the strongest soldiers of the movement. God bless and we salute you.”

Nick Fuentes was under attack. 

On May 6, 2022, two high-ranking members of Fuentes’ white-supremacist “Groyper” movement had defected from his organization and gone on a rival far-right streaming show to criticize Fuentes and air their grievances about the group. Fuentes responded five days later on his own stream, “America First.” After denouncing his “enemies,” Fuentes raised his hand and made a demand from his remaining followers. 

“Now it’s time to pledge your allegiance to me forever, OK?” Fuentes declared.

Fuentes was seated in front of a digital studio backdrop with a Russian flag bearing the “Z” insignia used by supporters of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in the corner of his screen. In a chat feed alongside the host, messages from viewers poured in. They took Fuentes’ oath via emoji, sending in row after row of cartoon hands. One audience member who pledged fealty to Fuentes used the handle “Chikken.” A wrench icon next to their name indicated they were a moderator in the chatroom for Fuentes’ streams. “Chikken” sent in multiple hand emojis, signaling their loyalty to Fuentes as he elaborated on the pledge. 

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