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Friday, May 26, 2023

VIDEO: Adin Ross Is Facing Backlash For Allegedly Saying The N-Word On his Livestream

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Adin Ross Is Facing Backlash For Allegedly Saying The N-Word On his Livestream. (Read More Here).

Permanently banned Twitch streamer Adin Ross has vehemently denied using the n-word on a livestream after he was accused of using the slur.

The 22-year-old Andrew Tate supporter - whose meteoric, multimillion-dollar rise over the past few years has already been littered with controversy - is accused of uttering the slur Wednesday on his popular, eponymously named e-dating show.

Adin Ross refuted this, claiming that he never used the racial slur. He then decided to watch the video in slow motion. However, he was unable to locate the relevant video control options:

"Bro, I swear to god... N3on, I didn't say it, bro! I didn't! I said this, I'm being honest. I said this... N3on, I said, 'And I got you.' It's, 'And I got you.' I know. All right, chat... yeah, I'll slow it down. Of course, like... hey, can you fix clips?! Look how s**t your system is, bro! How do I slow the clip? Am I wrong? It's dog s**t, bro! Like, fix this s**t, bro!"

In turn, Ross responds with his own quick rotation - followed by a brazen brag that many afterward alleged contained the slur. Within seconds, thousands looking on in the video's chat pointed it out, spurring Ross to defend himself.

The comment in question, which Ross is now denying, came after he adhered to Renae's request to do a quick spin.

"N****, I got you. I got you,' Ross allegedly said in the clip, to the surprise of onlookers in the chat.  

'You know, I'm just wearing... I'm wearing some cool, chill s**t. Just, you know, just cool s**t,' Ross goes on, describing his dressed-down attire of shorts and a T-shirt.

Despite causing an uproar in the chat, neither of the influencers seemed to take notice of the remark - which was delivered in an eerily similar manner to the first time the Florida native was accused of saying the slur in November.

During the same broadcast, fans informed Adin Ross that he was trending after a video of him allegedly using the racial slur was circulating on social media. The Florida native exclaimed in surprise, saying:

"Yo! They're saying I said it, dude! Yo, on TikTok! Wait, but N3on, they don't care. Yo! Does that mean... you can... wait. Chat, spam. Let me see the clip."

Ross, who was banned from Twitch streaming platform in February over 'hateful conduct' on his channel, denied using the racial slur when viewers claimed they heard the vile word.

'Bro, I swear to god ... I didn't say it, bro,' said Ross, who initially found fame through livestreaming the NBA 2K video game.

He admitted to saying the offensive word in the past, but was adamant that wasn't the case this time around.

Fellow streamer Kai Cenat reacted to the video and stated that Ross is innocent. Both Ross and Cenat have been banned from Twitch, taking to Kick as the alternative.

Ross, who often has rappers on his stream, recently faced backlash after asking his followers to "act Black" for a contest.

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