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Monday, November 20, 2023

Brazilian political prisoner, Cleriston Pereira da Cunha, confirmed dead after battle with sudden illness in Papuda prison

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Brazilian political prisoner, Cleriston Pereira da Cunha, confirmed dead after battle with sudden illness in Papuda prison.

One of those arrested for the coup acts on January 8th died this Monday morning (20) on the premises of the Papuda Penitentiary, in Brasília. Cleriston Pereira da Cunha had a sudden illness while sunbathing, according to the prison administration.

Teams from the firefighters and the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) were called to help the detainee. Rescuers performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but he did not survive.

Cleriston Pereira was arrested in the Senate during acts of vandalism carried out on January 8th. According to the defense, the accused did not participate in the acts and entered Congress to protect himself from the gas bombs that were thrown by the police who repressed the acts.

After his death was declared, this Monday morning (20), the Penitentiary Administration Secretariat (Seape/DF) reported that the boy “was accompanied by a multidisciplinary team from the Basic Health Unit located in the prison unit itself since entering the unit in 09 /01/23. 

Clériston was 46 years old, lived in the Federal District and was arrested in the act in the Senate on January 8th. According to the defense, he was arrested “without knowing about the illicit acts of vandalism that were taking place and without participating in the crimes attributed to him”. The defendant was charged by the PGR with the crimes of armed criminal association, violent abolition of the Democratic Rule of Law, coup d'état, qualified damage and deterioration of listed property. The complaint was accepted by the STF, but had not yet been judged by the Court. 

In the petitions, which Gazeta do Povo had access to, the lawyers warned about the businessman's health situation and pointed out the “unhealthy and degrading situation” of the prison system where the defendant was imprisoned. Regarding the defendant's serious health condition, the lawyers warned, on February 27th, that he was taking daily medication every 12 hours, “as he is at risk of death if he does not use the drugs, and since he is prisoner has not taken medication, running an imminent risk of suffering a sudden illness. 

With a minute of silence, senators present at the plenary session this Monday (20) paid tribute to Cleriston Pereira da Cunha, arrested in Brasília for the acts of January 8. Cleriston died this Monday morning at Papuda prison. He was 46 years old and leaves a partner and two daughters. He was a resident of the Federal District.

The tribute was requested by senator Eduardo Girão (Novo-CE) and granted by senator Jorge Seif (PL-SC), who was presiding over the session at the time. According to Girão, Cleriston would not have participated in the attacks on public buildings and had already received a request for his release from the Attorney General's Office since September 1st. 

— It looks like he came to take shelter when the riots started. Bomb there, bomb here, he took shelter and was in prison for ten months, so it's the hands of important authorities being covered in blood. We had one victim, the first fatal victim on January 8th — said Girão
Fonte: Agência Senado. 

Clériston's defense reported that he had a massive heart attack, but there is still no report on the cause of death. According to lawyers, the defendant had several health problems, such as diabetes and hypertension, and was taking controlled medication. The case is seen by the defense as an “announced tragedy”. In May, lawyers had requested his release based on his clinical condition. At the end of August, the Attorney General's Office (PGR) issued an opinion recommending the defendant's provisional release through precautionary measures, as he had comorbidities. 

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